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U-Turn Synopsis: An intern journalist traces the history of people who unlawfully took a u-turn on a city flyover and died in mysterious circumstances.

U-Turn Review: A series of deaths happen in the city in similar fashion. Though all the cases are concluded as suicides, as nothing unusual is suspected, suddenly there comes an intriguing link which connects all of them. All the deceased were those who unlawfully took a U-turn on a city flyover at different times. This creates panic among a junior intern journalist Rachana (Samantha) and Nayak (Aadhi), a cop. Both of them go after the person behind the deaths.

It all begins after Rachana, an ambitious and practical girl, who shies away from getting married despite pressure from her mother, starts working on the story of people who take illegal U-turns. She is quite happy with her career and loves spending time in office because of one more reason – her liking for Aditya (Rahul Ravindran), who works as a crime reporter. When the two of them finally go on a date and everything goes well, Rachana is taken to the nearby police station.

Apparently, the person (one of the few who took an illegal U-turn) whom she tried for the purpose of the story has lost his life. Nayak and his superior officer, Chandrasekar (Aadukalam Naren) interrogate her only to find that she has nothing to do with the deceased man. But they also discover that the people, whose names she has with her for the story, are all dead. Rachana and Nayak investigate the case further though Chandrasekar is in no mood to help them. They manage to reach Ritesh (Narain), whose wife Maya (Bhumika) and daughter, passed away in an accident, after which the series of deaths actually began. With ample twists and turns, the plot unfolds slowly and steadily – the reasons behind Ritesh’s deceased family and why those who take U-turn are targeted are narrated grippingly, much similar to its Kannada version.

The film, unlike regular whodunit thrillers, is different – there isn’t any cat-and-mouse game, yet it holds your attention. With a subtle message and some emotions, the climax, too, isn’t the same as the suspense-filled mystery you often come across in Tamil. It, however, could have been more convincing. The film, a bilingual, and has nativity issues in some scenes. The cast includes Telugu actors like Hariteja and Chatrapathi Sekhar, which is fine, but scenes which have Tamil Nadu police wearing Telangana police’s badge, police vehicle with Telangana registration number, etc, are awkward in an otherwise interestingly made remake.

Samantha does a neat job in a role that undergoes varied emotions, and so is Bhumika, who appears only in a few scenes. Aadhi and Narain, too, play their part well.

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