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Genres : Romance
Actors : Chandan Kumar.Aishwarya Arjun
Directors : Arjun Sarja
Country : India
Duration : 2h 30 Mins
Quality : HD
Released : 2017
IMDB : 6/10
Prema Baraha (English: Love Article), titled Sollividava (English: Shall I Say It) in Tamil, is a 2018 Indian romantic drama film written and directed by Arjun Sarja. It was produced by his wife Niveditha Arjun under his home studio of Sree Raam Films International, and was made simultaneously in Kannada and Tamil.
RATING [8 votes]
Sollividava Full Movie, Sollividava Movie watch Online, Sollividava tamil, Sollividava 2018 Movie, v Movie Free download, Sollividava

Critic’s Rating:
SYNOPSIS: Two journalists, sent to report on the Kargil War, fall in love on the war field.

REVIEW: Love stories set against war backdrop is nothing new to Tamil audience. Sollividava, too, has romance between its lead pairs, but the hero and heroine here aren’t affected by the war, unlike many films which belonged to this line. They are TV journalists, Sanjay (Chandan) and Madhu (Aishwarya) from different channels based out of Chennai, sent to report on an ongoing war — the historic Kargil War of 1999. There are casualties that happen on a partly-convincing war field. Though the two of them know each other, thanks to a couple of encounters in Chennai, it is during their assignment in Kashmir that they start admiring each other.

Sanjay hails from a middle-class family, and his father (Naan Kadavul Rajendran) still hopes he will become an actor. Madhu belongs to an elite family, and considers his grandad (K Vishwanath) her world. Then, there’s her aunt (Suhasini), who wishes that she becomes her daughter-in-law. Madhu’s aunt and granddad are making preparations for her wedding, while she realises what her duties and needs in life are. But will she be able to lead the life she wants?

The first thing one expects in an Arjun film is action, and debutant Chandan pulls off two fight sequences interestingly. His chemistry with Aishwarya is good, but the romantic track turns predictable after a point. The hardships and fighting spirit of soldiers, too, are showcased in an emotional way, though this could have been done more effectively. The war field appears artificial in places, and the film, at many places, gives a feel that you are watching a Kannada flick despite the presence of an ample number of Tamil stars. The performance by Prakash Raj, in a cameo, stands out. The roles essayed by Sathish, Yogi Babu and others hardly create any impact. Overall, a little editing in the second half, coupled with a comparatively convincing patriotic story would have made Sollividava a better watch.

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