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MUPPARIMANAM SYNOPSIS : A mysterious youngster kidnaps a girl a few minutes before her wedding and takes her to a secluded place in search of answers for his questions.

MUPPARIMANAM REVIEW : Mupparimanam starts off with Kathir (Shanthnu Bhagyaraj), a mysterious youngster, kidnapping Anusha (Srushti Dange), at gun point at a wedding hall where the latter was few moments away from getting hitched. Both of them were childhood friends who later became a couple as they grew up. As Kathir relives the sweet memories he spent with Anusha, her relatives are on a hunt for him with the help of cops.

The reasons for abducting her and why the two couldn’t unite despite passionately in love each other, leading to the latter’s wedding, are revealed much later with unpredictable turn of events. Though the twists and turns which appear in the second half, which involves film star Sathish (Skanda), is far better than the tiring sequences in the first half, one needs patience to wait for these intriguing episodes. The logic-defying love, the hastiness in getting united against parents’ wishes and finally the hero being at the receiving end – becoming hopeless and dejected – a trend which once prevailed in the industry has been attempted by the director, it leaves little impact.

Shanthnu whose character undergoes physical and mental agony has put up a decent job, and so is Srushti Dange. Though her scenes initially reminded of the so-called traditional, run-of-the-mill heroines, the later portions of the film offered scope for her to perform, thanks to the slew of twists and turns. Other actors like Appukutty, Skanda, Kalyani Natarajan, etc, were okay.

Rasamathi’s cinematography which has captured the scenic beauty of Kongu region and a few parts of Kerala in its original flavour is impressive among all the other elements in the film.

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