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Jarugandi Synopsis: An ambitious youngster lands in trouble after making forged documents to earn money. A cop promises to let him go if he coughs up a huge sum, but the guy ends up kidnapping a girl, which makes things worse.

Jarugandi Review: Quite annoyed with the troubles of living the life of a lower middle-class person, Satya (Jai) decides to go to any extent to make money to run his family, which involves mother and sister. Along with his friend Paari (Daniel), he meets Samuel (Ilavarasu), who promises to provide him money if he can forge documents. Satya and Paari open a travel company and start dreaming of a happy life. But a cop (Bose Venkat), who knows about the fake documents, threatens to put them in jail if they fail to arrange a sum of ₹10 lakh in two days.

Satya sends his family away and starts searching for money with Paari. Gajendra (Robo Shankar), a rich man who’s madly in love with Keerthi (Reba Monica), offers to give them the money but only if they help him succeed in his romance. However, circumstances force Satya to kidnap Keerthi, which earns him the wrath of a human trafficking group.

With a wafer-thin plot, which is developed through a slew of characters, Jarugandi has some engaging moments, but that isn’t enough to hold your attention completely. We hardly empathise with the troubles that the characters face. The lead pair, Jai and Reba, play their part well, and so does Daniel, who scores more with his histrionics. Robo Shankar lights up the mood in some scenes while other actors are OK. A better screenplay, with gripping characters and thrilling moments, would have made the movie more interesting.

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