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Imaikka Nodigal Synopsis: A CBI officer goes in search of a ruthless serial killer. Things get worse when the murderer targets the former and her family

Imaikka Nodigal Review: Imaikka Nodigal is another film which joins the bandwagon of thriller flicks released in Kollywood in the recent times. But it isn’t just another attempt, as it has its own moments, thrills, suspense, action and emotions. Though the movie is only 10 minutes less then three hours, the plot kicks off right from the word go. There isn’t any establishment scenes or spoon feeding of sorts. The very first scene conveys the mood and premise of this thriller flick – set against Bangalore, a psycho killer is having a whale of a time by finishing off people in his list. The hero (or heroine), Anjali Vikramadityan (Nayanthara), a CBI officer, is introduced quickly and her first shot has her in a serious mission. We hardly know her details or plans behind the mission, but this fast-paced narration lights up the mood interestingly. In no time, the killer’s case becomes a sensational one in the city. In a press meet organised by a few top CBI officials, he himself sends messages to them and the journos that he is Rudra, the notorious killer, who the police department claimed to have killed five years ago.

The cat and mouse game between Anjali and Rudra officially begins from there on. At one point, Anjali gets the shock of her life when she realises why he’s after her and her family. Apart from Rudra’s threat, she also has to deal with her senior officer Narayan’s (Devan) ego. Meanwhile, the love story between Arjun (Atharvaa) and Kritika (Raashi Khanna) becomes a turning point in the case. The story moves forward intriguingly when Anjali, Rudra, Arjun and Kritika get involved in it.

Anurag Kashyap as the menacing killer has given one of his best performances in his Kollywood debut. Like similar characters we have seen in other movies, this one, too, has an impressive back story. Nayanthara as the brainy, suave CBI officer, does justice to her role, and comes up with an arresting performance in a crucial flashback scene. Atharvaa’s role is also neatly etched, and he impresses with his fights and emotional scenes. Raashi is apt in her role and Vijay Sethupathi, in a cameo, ensures that he makes an impact even in a small role.

Though the film stays true to its genre, with cinematographer Rajasekar and music director Hip Hop Tamizha coming to aid, the love track between Atharvaa and Raashi, and the entire duration should have been trimmed to make it a better product. Apart from a few make-believe scenes, the director manages to keep the twists unpredictable and the thrill factor engaging till the end.

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