Guardians – The Super Heroes Dubbed movie


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CAST: Anton Pampushnyy, Sanzhar Madiyev, Sebastien Sisak, Alina Lanina, Stanislav Shirin
DIRECTION: Sarik Andreasyan
GENRE: Action
DURATION: 1 hour 29 minutes

STORY: Superheroes-in-retirement band together to take down their own evil creator.

REVIEW: Take a bowlful of The Avengers, add a teaspoon of the Fantastic Four and sprinkle some X-Men superpowers for taste. And voila! You have Guardians — The Superheroes.

Originality certainly isn’t this Russian superhero movie’s superpower. Ripped from the Marvel recipe books and following in the footsteps of The Avengers movies, this one starts out with a quasi-Frankenstein mad scientist, August Kuratov (Stanislav Shirin), who genetically modifies human beings to give them superpowers. He transforms Arsus (Panpushnyy) into a werebear, gives Khan (Madiyev) super speed, changes Ler (Sisak) into the lord of the rocks and makes Kseniya (Lanina) invisible. They’re painfully obvious versions of The Hulk, Quicksilver, Thing and Invisible Girl from various comics and movies.

The story doesn’t put these Marvel-clones in new situations either. Predictably, mad scientist Kuratov is hungry for power and wants to control all the information satellites of the world; he even creates a lair in a high tower like a stereotypical supervillain is expected to. An intelligence agency, Patriots (S.H.I.E.L.D. anyone?), then finds the superhumans he created to beat him in his own game.

The movie reluctantly checks the boxes that a superhero movie is supposed to: there’s decent camerawork, the actors look gorgeous, the villain is made scary, the visual effects are satisfactory and there’s an emotional backstory to every character, which is dutifully placed between explosions. But it is so similar to every other superhero movie you’ve seen, that you feel a perpetual sense of deja vu through its runtime.

Watching these superheroes save the day will only slow down yours. Stay home and do a Marvel marathon instead.

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