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Dharmaprabhu Synopsis: Lord Shiva accuses Yama for saving the life of a criminal-politician when the latter tries to stop a little girl from dying. Yama is given a few days’ time to rectify his action

Dharmaprabhu Review: Stories set against mythological backdrop are always intriguing and offers lot of scope for entertainment, provided those have engaging scripts – and that is exactly what Dharma Prabhu lacks. The newly-appointed Yama (Yogi Babu), who goes to Chennai with Chitraguptan (Ramesh Thilak), saves a politician with criminal records by mistake when he attempts to stop the death of a little girl. An angry Lord Shiva warns him and asks him to correct his mistakes in a few days. The plot had enough scope for making it a wholesome entertainer, but one needs to watch the movie to know how it has been badly wasted.

Yogi Babu and Ramesh Thilak, who appear in most of the scenes, have a good chemistry, but the weak writing and flat dialogues leave no impact. The film has a bevy of proven artistes like Radha Ravi, Azhagam Perumal, Rekha, Bose Venkat, Janani Iyer, etc, but sadly none of them are able to lift any sequence because of the ineffective making and screenplay.

There are weak CG shots and the entire mythological set-up looks staged. The inclusion of unnecessary contemporary issues and the bashing of state and central politics are done to death. At one point, the core story gets deviated and viewers are left clueless till the end.

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