Adhagappattathu Magajanangalay (2017) Movie


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Cast : Umapathi, Reshma Rathore
Director : Inbasekhar
Genre : Comedy Thriller
Year Released : 2017

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SYNOPSIS: Son of a tabla player loses his guitar while he goes to help his friend, a security guard. A burglary attempt takes place and he is worried that he will be caught since the guitar contains his contact details. The movie is about how the hero along with his friend tries to retrieve the guitar.

REVIEW: Starring debutant Umapathy, son of veteran actor Thambi Ramaiah in the lead, Adhagappattathu Magajanangalay is an attempt ​at comedy, investigative thriller and romance, all put together, but without much success. Anand (Umapathy), a happy-go-lucky guy who aspires to become a renowned guitarist tries to help his friend who works as a security guard in a businessman’s family. Anand dresses up as a security guard and decides to spend the night as a substitute for his friend. However, a burglary attempt takes place and his friend graciously comes forward not to reveal to the police the ‘swapping’ they did the previous night. However, Anand realises that he had left his guitar, which has his name, mobile number, address and even email, etched on it in the garden of the house. Fearing that he might be caught by the police, he takes help from his friend, Paneer (Karunakran). How the hero tries hard to retrieve the guitar, which his father, played by Pandiarajan, considers as a family treasure forms the plot.

For a debutant, Umapathy comes as agile and good at dancing. His height is also a big plus. However, the script or lack of it, makes the comedy scenes an insipid affair. As for Karunkaran’s role, we have seen such side-kicks in
​a number of movies and hence ​it ​ lack​s​ novelty. The good-for-nothing goons and their repeated histrionics make one weary of the scenes. Though the character of the police officer played by Yog Japee, raises some expectation in the beginning it falls flat after a couple of scenes.

Whenever Anand meets Sruthi (Resha Rathore), the audience is taken for a duet sequence in some picturesque locales that include Kerala’s backwaters and some scenic forts in Rajasthan. Imman’s music is a great saviour and the songs are a delight to listen. Similarly, the camera work by PK Varma is appealing.

Since the narrative lacks focus, there’s not much the actors, including the heroine, can do to salvage the movie. Among the actors, Manobala tries hard to do justice to his role. Thambi Ramaiah appears in a cameo towards the end of the movie.

In an attempt to display the prowess of the hero in the aspects of dance, action and romance, director Inbasekar has fallen short of the minimum and ended up dishing out a bland fare, which reminds one of a mishmash of several other scenes/movies from the past.

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