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A1 Movie Synopsis: The life of a casteist girl, who wants to get married to a goon, becomes a roller-coaster ride after she realises that she’s with the wrong person.

A1 Movie Review: It isn’t fair to expect logic in an unabashedly made comedy movie – director Johnson seems to aware of it while working on many sequences in A1. The introduction scene of the hero, Santhanam (who plays Saravanan, another happy-go-lucky guy role), reminds us of a Rohit Shetty film, and an absurd, but not boring scene with the female lead (Tara Alisha, who plays Divya) which follows, give us a hint about what we have in store.

Divya, who dreams of sharing her life with a goon, however, is quite choosy when it comes to her partner’s caste. She is particular about finding someone from her own community, but little does she realise that Saravanan, with whom she falls in love in their first meeting, is from a different caste. Though their love blossoms eventually, her father, Ramanathan (Yatin Karyekar), a do-gooder, expresses his disinterest in their relationship. How Saravanan and his friends decide to face Divya’s father forms the rest of the story.

The plot as such offers nothing new, but A1 provides ample entertainment, thanks to the chemistry between Santhanam, MS Bhaskar, Thangadurai, Manohar and Saikumar. The combination scenes between Santhanam and Tara aren’t that engaging, though. The biggest plus of the film is the less number of songs and it’s duration. The thin plot, developed with sufficient one-liners and performed by all the artistes with effective improvisation, leaves the audience in splits in several instances. At some point, we do wonder how hilarious sequences could take place at a funeral, but the way a closure has been given to it is convincing. There are logical loopholes and the clich√© of a bubbly heroine falling for the hero’s antics and preachy dialogues, but A1 manages to engage viewers because of some fun moments.

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