Zhagaram HD


Zhagaram is a 2019 Indian Tamil-language adventure thriller film directed by debutant director Krish. Starring Nandha Durairaj in the lead role, the film is an adaption of Kava Kamz’s Tamil fiction novel, Project AK

Zhagaram Movie Synopsis: A youngster sets out in search of a treasure based on the clues left behind by his grandfather

Zhagaram Movie Review: hagaram is a reminder about the ancient Tamil civilisation which flourished in Kumari Kandam. The protagonist Akhil (Nandha) sets out to know the mysterious truth behind a treasure, which his grandfather, an archaeologist, was obsessed with. He’s accompanied by his girlfriend Surya (Eden) and friends.

They try cracking several clues and smart puzzles and travel to different places to gain knowledge about the unique treasure, which could change the course of human lives. Meanwhile, another group are also behind the same treasure, and try to stop Akhil and friends. What happens later, is narrated in a partly engaging way. The makers’ attempt is laudable, if their claim of having shot the film on a shoestring budget (of just Rs 10 lakh) is true. The VFX portions have been done in a decent way, but a story which has history and fantasy infused into it, required a more gripping screenplay and performances. The characters should also have been developed better.

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