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Vidhi Madhi Ultaa
Genres : Drama
Actors : Rameez Raja And Janani Iyer
Directors : Vijai Balaji
Country : India
Duration : 1h 45 Mins
Quality : HD
Released : 2018
IMDB : 4.3/10
Vidhi Madhi Ultaa is a 2018 Indian Tamil fantasy comedy film written and directed by Vijai Balaji. Featuring Rameez Raja and Janani Iyer in the lead roles, the film also has Daniel Balaji and Karunakaran in pivotal roles.

SYNOPSIS: A youngster has a nightmare and gets the shock of his life when the events from the dream start happening in his real life.

REVIEW: Aditya (Rameez), a happy-go-lucky guy, gets kidnapped by a group of three for ransom. Interestingly, his lady love, Divya (Janani), too, is in the custody of another group. The two try to escape from the place where they are held. However, they get caught by the group and in the ensuing struggle, one of the thugs passes away. The brother (Daniel Balaji) of the deceased takes revenge on Aditya’s family members.

That is when Adi wakes up and realises that all this was a dream. However, he gets the shock of his life when the events from his nightmare start occurring in his real life.

He narrates the experience to his father (Gnanasambandam) and seeks his help to avoid danger. The two of them hatch plans to avert the incidents which happened in the dream. But luck doesn’t favour them. The characters, places and sequences in his dream come alive in front of their eyes in one way or the other. Adi tries to communicate this to Divya, but she refuses to believe him. How does he save his life now?

Though the film starts in a lackadaisical manner, there is a point when it makes viewers believe that the plot could have worked with some engaging moments. But the screenplay goes haywire after some time, making things quite predictable and cliched.

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