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SYNOPSIS: An investigative officer takes up a murder case in which three girls were killed during a train journey — each executed by different people, for different motives.

REVIEW: Three girls, Yamini, Tulasi Mani and Radhika, are found killed in a train journey in mysterious circumstances. Sharafudeen Rahman (RK), from RACT (Railway Anti Criminal Task force), takes up the case and starts the investigation by enquiring all the passengers and employees in the train who travelled on the day the assassinations took place. He is assisted by characters played by Nasser and Ramesh Khanna. As the investigation progresses, Rahman and his team get suspicious about Kumara Swamy (Siddique) and Karikalan (Suman) owing to their behaviour. The murderers of Tulasi Mani and Yamini are found by RACT without much effort, but Radhika’s assassination leaves the team puzzled. How they find the culprit after a series of thorough investigation forms the rest of the story.

Neetu Chandra, who plays dual roles — that of Radhika, a shooter and Jyothika, a classical dancer, has tried to do justice to both the characters. RK, as the fiery, intelligent officer is unconvincing in his role. In fact, his antics and the over-the-top action sequences designed to portray him as a mass hero make us wonder if his role was a spoof of the character essayed by Suresh Gopi in the film’s original version, Nadiya Kollapetta Ratri. Nasser as a funny cop, Manobala as a novelist, John Vijay as a fraud cop, Archana as the greedy sister of a popular actress (played by Ineya), among others appear as completely unimpressive and without any purpose. The role of Siddique, who had a decent role in the original version, lacks authenticity in this film.

One of the weak aspects of the Malayalam version was its poor CG. In one way, Vaigai Express has done justice to the remake by not rectifying the shoddy graphics work. In fact, the way several scenes have been executed in this film makes one feel that the original version deserves a few awards.

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