Ungala Podanum Sir


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The Ungala Podanum Sir movie is an adult comedy-drama movie directed by R.L. Ravi and Srijith. The movie is bankrolled by Sigma Films and is expected to be a turning point in the career of Jithan Ramesh, who plays the title character in the movie.

Talking about the movie, even though it is labelled as an adult movie, there are not many vulgar scenes that you would hit yourself for while watching the movie. All the scenes that are incorporated in the film are very crucial for the movie and take the plot of the movie in a very progressive direction without leaving the audience bored too much or giving away too much about the story thus taking out the suspense element.

Even though the movie does seem predictable and kind of lagging at times, the quick change in the events within the movie helps the audience to regain interest in the movie.

The drama sequences in the movie are also made sure to not be too elongated. However, there are times in the movie where you would feel that the sequence could be cut short in order to convey the message intended by the writer and the director in a much more linear and straightforward fashion.

If you are someone who is interested in checking out the small budget Indian films that try to tell a story that is different from the regular ones, then you should definitely watch the Ungala Podanum Sir movie just for a change.

Ungala Podanum Sir Box Office Prediction and Collection

As the movie does not have a very powerful cast or set, the overall budget of the movie is relatively low, even though the exact amount is not yet disclosed. However, by the buzz and box office reactions, we can say that the Ungala Podanum Sir movie will be a moderate hit.

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