Tharkappu Movie


Tharkappu is a 2016 Tamil action thriller movie directed by R.P. Ravi and produced by S. Selvamuthu and Manjunath. The film features Shakthi Vasudevan and Samuthirakani, both in leading roles

Initial release: January 1, 2016
Director: R. P. Ravi
Music composed by: F. S. Faizal
Written by: R. P. Ravi
Editor: San Lokesh

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Actor Sakthivel Vasu who needs a break in his career is back after a gap with ‘Tharkappu’ and this time Samuthirakani joins him in a strong supporting role. All others in this film are new comers and it comes with the tag of a message oriented film. What the film offers to a general movie viewer?

The film starts with the planning of a police encounter operation to kill Sakthivel a junction in Bangalore highway when his car would pass there before the dawn. Two different couples plan to meet at a point to elope and they are heading towards the same point where the plan to encounter Sakthi is going to take place. Who is Sakthi and why the Police is planning to kill him? What happens to these four innocents in the melee? To know these, you have to watch the film on the screens as revealing more than this would act as spoilers.

First of all hats off to debutante writer-director RP Ravi for registering a strong and impactful message against encounter killings, Death penalty and killing a human being with whatever justification. Handling these subjects in mainstream films requires not only strong conviction to the values but also the ability to effectively portray them in a manner that makes an impact on audience who would have a different perspective in these issues. And you should also make your points reach the audience without preaching. Ravi scores well in these aspects with brilliantly written and executed scenes and praiseworthy dialogues.

The film makes us understand how the system ruled by corrupt politicians and high level bureaucrats uses some honest and highly committed officials in police department for their needs and throw them and even goes to the extent of killing them when their existence becomes a problem. The writer also successfully registers the difference between police officers who carry out encounters with real care for society and the wrong elements that misuse their good intentions. There are also dialogues that justify the act of policemen.

Ravi also impresses with his detailing on planning and execution of encounter killings and investigation on encounters. The details retained as suspense turns as surprises when they are revealed. There are many interesting scenes in these portions which will satisfy the audience who may not be convinced with the message the film conveys

The non-linear narration helps to maintain suspense elements. The first half ends with a pack of surprises and half told stories of each character. Only in the second half we could get the clear picture of each of them and the film ends soon after that. There are no full length songs that hamper the narration and the film hardly lags anywhere.

The biggest problem of the film is that more time has been dedicated for the two love stories which are neither bad nor great. It is true that their background needs to be established to make us understand how they come to the place of encounter. But it goes way more than required and end up as commercial compromises that end up taxing beyond a point.

The climax fight and the climax are done with more conviction to reality and nothing larger than life happens. This is appreciable but how this is going to be welcomed by a regular commercial movie buff remains to be seen. And the portrayal of the police personnel with utter ruthlessness in the climax sequence becomes redundant or this could have been portrayed in a more convincing manner More detailing on how the police could gather a strong force to kill Sakthi, could have made a better impact.

Sakthivel perfectly fits into the role and his looks, Body language and emotions are impeccable. One could really feel that this talented youngster is used better in this industry. Samuthirakani as the investigator from human rights department is at his usual best. Sathish, Vatsan, Vaishali and Amisha have given neat performances. Vatsan reminds us of Simbu in certain expressions.

Faizal’s rerecording is apt while songs are passable. Jones Anand has done a commendable job with his cinematography especially the night sequence with proper lighting that does not affect the viewing experience. Art director’s M.G.Murugan has played a vital role in the film which has many location changes.

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