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Raatchasi Story: The headmaster of a government school brings in several changes at her institution despite facing odds from various quarters.

Raatchasi Review: Anyone who has watched the trailer of Raatchasi would know what to expect from it – that’s the positive and negative of this film, which has been made with a good intent. You know that Jyotika, as Geetha Rani, is a headmaster who comes to an indisciplined school in a village to set things right. She’s a ‘raatchasi’ for the staff and students as her sudden strict and progressive plans do not go down well with them.

Meanwhile, Rama Lingam (Hareesh Peradi), who runs a private school, and the MLA of the constituency in which the school belongs to, hatch plans to bring down Geetha Rani in several ways. The plot revolves around how she overcomes the challenges posed by them.

For a predictable plot like this, what would have worked is an engaging screenplay with striking emotions. However, that’s exactly what the movie lacks at many instances. There are many characters, but hardly any of them leave an impact, thanks to the ineffective detailing in their characterisation. Jyotika’s performance as the dutiful teacher is the prime saving grace of the film.

A story which deals with realistic issues requires a grounded protagonist, but here, the character reminds us of a mass hero, at least in some scenes, which is a put off. The weak antagonist and forced emotions are also a letdown. A few problems pertaining to the prevailing education system have been touched upon, which is a commendable thing. But all those would have had a much better impact if the screenplay and characters were more gripping.

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