Meesaya Murukku (2017) Movie


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Cast : Aadhi
Director : Hiphop Tamizha
Genre : Romantic Comedy
Year Released : 2017
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SYNOPSIS: A passionate youngster who dreams of making it in the music industry is on the verge of losing his love. What will happen to his career and romance?

REVIEW: There was decent expectations on Meesaya Murukku, thanks to the intriguing title and Hip Hop Tamizha’s soaring popularity post the jallikattu controversy. This film, which has ample scope for songs, was touted as a blend of fiction and a few episodes from his life. Set in Coimbatore, it narrates the passion and determination of a youngster who undergoes a lot of unexpected struggles in a span of few years.

Aadithya (Hip Hop Tamizha) is a dreamer. Music is his life, and he is blessed with a beautiful family and a ready-to-do-anything friend. His father (Vivekh), a practical and understanding man who wants his children to shine in life, is someone who holds values and traditions close to his heart. The scene where he comes to little Aadi’s rescue when the latter faces the heat for talking in Tamil in an English medium school is a testimony to it. Aadi’s younger brother (Ananth), on the other hand, is aggressive. After a few scenes in his school life, the story of Aadi and his best friend (Vigneshkanth) actually starts once they join college for engineering.

Interestingly, they find two girls who were their school mates in the college. Aadi falls for one among them, Nila (Aathmika), and starts impressing her. After a few hiccups in the first year, like ragging by seniors, dealing with the burden of syllabus, etc, things starts moving in his favour. Nila reciprocates positively to his feelings, too. But fate has something else in store for them. The family status and caste of the two families becomes a hurdle. As college life gets over, the couple find it more difficult to even meet.

Meanwhile, Aadi asks one year time from his father to pursue his passion, and promises him that he would forget his love, too, if nothing materialises during the period. He sets out to Chennai in search of opportunities, when the future of his romantic life looks bleak.

Aadi, has put up a decent performance, and as a director, he has ensured that the film has ample moments for youngsters to cheer. Vivekh, as a loving dad, is apt in his role and has scored in many scenes. Vijayalakshmi, as the protagonist’s mother, and Aathmika are OK in their roles, while it is the characters in the college which are engaging enough to make the audience sit and watch throughout. Vigneshkanth and the other characters who appear now and then are hilarious and are apt in supporting roles. A little more command over storytelling in the first half could have made this a superb campus entertainer.

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