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Jada Movie Synopsis: A team of passionate football players goes through some unexpected hurdles while participating in a local tournament in a village.

Jada Movie Review: Tipped as a sports drama, Jada starts with a voiceover which narrates the history of football, followed by a decent song which has several kids playing the sport with utmost passion. A few scenes on the determination of protagonist Jada (Kathir) and his friends to win an upcoming crucial match set the premise interestingly. Meanwhile, two infamous groups who were known for organising local football tournaments which lack rules and ethics make plan to conduct one such contest despite warning from cops.

Jada expresses his interest in participating in the local tournament to his coach, to which the latter rejects permission. However, he convinced his coach and promises him to win the tournament without harming himself and his team. They set out to a village for the same and they face a series of unexpected challenges. Will they be able to lift the trophy?

Having set up a predictable, but decent premise in the beginning, the screenplay goes downhill in the second half which has horror element unnecessarily infused into it. The spooky scenes do bring in tension but are in no way connected to the genre of the film. Though the director attempts to link it through an ineffective twist towards the end, the kind of suspense and nail-biting sequences one expects from a sports drama goes missing.

Kathir does justice to his role while Yogi Babu’s one-liners do not entertain. Kishore, in a small role, does well and makes his presence felt. The female lead appears in just one scene in the latter half only to ask the hero where he is and that she has been missing his presence. There’s also the done-to-death “pasanga love” and “ponnunga love” dialogues after the protagonist gets drunk. The characters lack depth and do not succeed in connecting with viewers. The mandatory hero-villain face-off is forced and leaves no impact. Cinematography and music are two aspects which make some of the scenes watchable

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