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Gurkha Movie Synopsis: The security guard of a mall, who belongs to the Gurkha community, becomes the saviour of several people who have been kept under siege by some terrorists

Gurkha Movie Review: The premise of Gurkha was very much revealed in the movie’s promotional videos – a Gurkha who sets out to rescue a group of people who are trapped by a few dreaded extremists for ransom. Billed as an entertainer, the film has its moments, thanks to Yogi Babu’s one-liners, some of which are thoroughly enjoyable. As Bahadur Singh, a security who hails from the Gurkha community, the actor is the prime saving grace of the film. Giving him company is Charlie, in the role of another security, who has also delivered a decent performance.

There are some scenes which are far from reality, but the movie’s genre allows the liberty and manage to convince the viewers. The plot becomes a little stretched after a point, but some of the antics by Yogi Babu and the performance of Anandraj, Manobala, etc, keep the momentum going. A hardly engaging first half followed by some hilarious scenes in the latter half is likely to work for the target audience. What doesn’t work in favor of the film till the interval point is the time the script takes to reach the main conflict. The film belongs to the leave-your-brain-at-home category, and may appeal to those who don’t mind logical issues and predictability

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