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Enga Kaattula Mazhai Synopsis: A couple of wastrels chances upon a bag full of American currency. A corrupt cop and a ruthless pawnbroker are also after the bag.

Enga Kaattula Mazhai Review: During the title credits of Enga Kaattula Mazhai, the camera follows a bag as it is taken from one place to another. We don’t see anything else, but the face that’s on the bag – of Salvador Dali. You perk up because it’s a striking image. Unfortunately, this is the closest that the film comes to being visually interesting. For the rest of its running time, both the writing and the filmmaking are so lacklustre that we witness scene after scene that does nothing to us.

The plot revolves around the bag, which contains bundles of American currency. Murugan (Mitun Maheswaran, who resembles the Vemal of Ishtam), a wastrel, is trying to romance Mageshwari (Shruthi Ramakrishna), a sales girl. We are supposed to care about this romantic track, but it’s a compilation of clichéd scenes that robs every bit of interest you might have in the plot.

Meanwhile, Agni (Arul Dass), a corrupt cop, is plotting to steal the bag from Bajanlal, a pawnbroker and a hawala dealer. Circumstances lead to Murugan and his friend, Kuberan (Appukutty) coming into possession of the bag. With Agni and Bajanlal searching for it desperately, who ends up with the money?

Even for a generic comedy thriller (this decade alone has seen umpteen films in this genre), Enga Kaattula Mazhai is filled with clichés that turn it highly predictable. It doesn’t help that none of the performances are convincing. The film has one moment of note when a police station comes up on the very ground where our heroes had buried the bag. It feels like a nod to Papanasam, but the film doesn’t capitalise on this development to give us tense scenes. Instead we get a rather lame, improbable scene of them trying to retrieve the bag. The comedy, too, hardly works. Even the seemingly novel attempt of providing a mind voice to a dog, Kuberan’s pet, to generate humour falls flat.

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