100% Kadhal


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100% Kaadhal Movie Review: 100% Kaadhal is the remake of the 2011 Telugu film 100% Love, and the first question that pops up in our mind once the film ends is what made the makers want to do this remake, especially after almost a decade. The story, about two youngsters who are in love but cannot bring themselves up to admit their feelings for each other because of their ego, is the staple of romcoms, but the treatment here is so dated and the themes quite regressive that the film seems to belong in a different era – a time when audiences might have been OK with the hero saying that women are meant to get married and not study. Even if you set aside the troublesome gender politics and indulge the makers and take it as a ‘leave your brains out’ entertainer, the film, interminably long at two-and-a-half hours, fails. Because the writing, and in turn, the characters, are juvenile. The filmmaking is so non-existent that even a basic – and age-old – technique like rear projection isn’t pulled off convincingly. The line readings lack any bit of authenticity, making the performances highly artificial and unconvincing. No wonder that not even a single scene works, save for the unintentionally funny ones.

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